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11/19/2013 - Accomack County Circuit Circuit Court Thursday - Click here to print this information

In Accomack County Circuit Court Thursday, Darren West was sentenced to a Youth Improvement Program for the malicious maiming. West admittedly had had a history of drug problems and asked for the Youth Improvement program. West had no prior felonies on his record and he expressed remorse, apologizing to the victim and to the court. Judge Lewis added that all these offenses came within the first five months of West being 18 years old. The victim, Mr. Miller, was not in court but both the Commonwealth and the defense attorney agreed this was a drug deal gone bad. The Commonwealth's attorney did say this was not a one stick knifing. Miller in the presentence report claimed $60,000 worth of medical expenses. However no bills or receipts were submitted to the court. Judge Lewis accepted the Youth Improvement program plea and denied all restitution.

Noe Escalante Velasquez was sentenced to two five years to run concurrently in a case continued from last Thursday for a presentencing report which was presented today. Velasquez faced multiple charges, one hit-and-run, charge two unauthorized use of a vehicle, charge three driving with a revoked drivers license, and charge four of driving to close. Valasquez pled guilty to all. The report found that Mr.Valasquez had committed other crimes with the record in his fathers name. Having been in jail since April 29, 2013, Judge Lewis sentenced the defendant to two five-year terms to run concurrently and to notify the deportation officials who also have pending charges.

William Ashbrook of Maryland was sentenced to five years on charges of burglary and grand larceny. Ashbrook had pending charges in Maryland and was on probation in Maryland asked for a suspended sentence so that he could report for the Maryland charges. Commonwealth's Attorney Gary Agar said the defendant asked for and got a jury trial with jury recommending five years on each count to run consecutively. While Ashbrook's then wife had been the person who tried to sell the items of these charges he felt that the recommendations of the jury should be the minimum sentence. These charges were the result of Mr. Ashbrook being familiar with the home while he was installing carpet for a local dealer. Agar went on to say that the defendant had a multi-state drug record with six grand larceny charges back to 1990 for burglary cases, one assault case and one possession of a firearm.

Agar said that this defendant had been in jail 15 different times. Asbrook then asked for mercy told the judge that he no longer had a wife, no family, or nothing left and with 45 years hanging over his head in Maryland was again asking for a suspended sentence. Judge Lewis then sentenced Mr. Ashbrook to five years on each count of active time for a total of 10 years.

Jennifer Fears(aka Jennifer Berry) was charged with one count grand larceny, six counts obtaining money by false pretense, 11 counts obtaining money by false pretense and one count of unauthorized use. These charges were related to the Runningers Pharmacy in Parksley and the home of the owners. The combined amount of restitution was $21,226 including some family pieces of jewelry that had been melted down and could never be replaced. The defense attorney Terri Bliss told the court that the defendant's husband was gone, and with no support are no job there was no way for this defendant to have restitution. Mr. Morgan on behalf of the Commonwealth told the court that while in the home of the victims they had asked her if she had seen a particular gold necklace and that Ms. Fears had lied, making these charges more horrendous. Judge Lewis called this a breach of trust and sentenced Ms. Fears to 10 years with all but one year suspended on the grand larceny charge. On the six counts of obtaining money under false pretense Lewis sentenced her to one year with all but four months suspended and on the 11 other counts sentenced her to 12 years on each charge totaling 132 months with all but two months suspended giving her one year and six months active jail time and restitution of $21,226.

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