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11/12/2013 - Could there be the state of Delmarva? - Click here to print this information

Would you like to live in the state of Delmarva? According to a report on WBOC-TV, some Maryland legislators favor pursuing a scenario where the Maryland Eastern Shore counties would merge with the lower two counties of Delaware and Accomack and Northampton Counties of Virginia to form another state.

This isn't new as the Eastern Shore counties of Maryland have been dreaming of leaving Maryland for years. Eastern Shore of Maryland residents have long resented control of the state by the metro Baltimore counties and lower Delaware residents have likewise grown weary of a state that's politically controlled by Kent County in the Wilmington area.

In Virginia, most of the rural counties including the Eastern Shore trend conservative but Northern Virginia, Metro Richmond and Norfolk generally lean liberal. In the last several elections, Virginia has moved from a strong red to purple or even blue with these areas generally controlling the elections.

The report on WBOC quoted a Maryland Senator Richard Coburn and a Delaware resident but did not quote anyone from Virginia's Eastern Shore on the matter. While its quite unlikely to happen, the divide demonstrates the overall national political battle between those who want less government versus those who look to the government to solve all of their problems.

Maryland also has problems in its western region. Five counties in western Maryland have discussed breaking off from the rest of the state.

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