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9/2/2013 - Accomack Circuit Court Thursday - Click here to print this information

By Wesley Edwards

Marshall Handy was charged with possession of cocaine on November 17th 2012. Deputy Taylor in a routine traffic stop saw a razor blade with a white substance lying on the center console. The traffic stop was on Mason Road near Bloxom. Ms. Janice Jones was a passenger when the stop occurred. Mr. Hardy told the deputy that he would take the blame for everything. With a guilty plea Judge Lewis sentenced Mr. Hardy to five years suspended all but 30 days along with a suspended drivers license for 6 months.

Janice Jones was charged with possession of cocaine with a guilty plea as in the Marshall Handy case. However Ms. Jones had a smoking devise in her purse. She also plead guilty to this charge but stating she put it in her purse to try to help Mr. Handy at the time of the stop.. Both guilty pleas were with the understanding that they were being given under the first offender statute. Sentencing was handed down for probation for one year, a program of education, and with her drivers license suspended for six months with a provision for work + 100 hours of community service.


Jonathan Tykot was charged with indecent liberties with a child (minor) . He was arraigned under a not guilty plea with a trial date set for 2/3/14. Mr. Tykot asked for a jury trial.

A hearing on a Capias for Aaisha White was scheduled but as she didn't show up for court today no hearing was held. Ms. White was sentenced to four weekends more than a year ago of two days each, of which only one weekend was served. Judge Lewis told her attorney she would be in court on 9/12/13 or well provide transportation for her.

Robert Johnson, charged with Larceny on or about June 29th 2013 waived his right to a preliminary hearing and his grand jury hearing while entering a guilty plea. His case was continued for a pre-sentencing report.


Brian Clayton convicted on 2/21/13 of distribution of heroin has been in jail for nine months. Mr. Clayton on other charges owes approximately $9,000 dollars in restitution. The defendant read a lengthy letter of apology into the record while breaking down from time to time. Stating in the letter that he had a job when he was released from jail and would be rejoining his family which included two children. Judge Lewis told Mr. Clayton that his life was a mess but he was sentencing him to 10 years with all but one year suspended. His drivers license was also suspended except for work.

Isaac Scarborough convicted of grand larceny after a bench trial with a long record including over $24,000 dollars in delinquent child support payments was sentenced to 10 years with all but one year suspended.

Motion to Suppress

Donald Brown was in court for Marijuana charges going back to November 30th 2011. In the afternoon at approximately 3:15 PM ten to 12 officers including a swat team exploded into Mr. Brown's home to serve a state police search warrant. After his testimony and the testimony of a Northampton deputy and the state police Judge Lewis granted the motion to suppress under how the warrant was served.

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