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8/9/2013 - Several tried in Accomack County Circuit Court Thursday - Click here to print this information

Jonathan Belote faced charges of Robbery and use of a Firearm. Mr. Belote was asking for reconsideration of sentence for the firearm charge. As a first offender Judge Lewis set aside the no contest plea awaiting an evaluation of the defendants ability to qualify for the first offender program for the gun charge. The case was continued until 12/2/13.

Leeshawn Davis charged with intent to distribute marijuana did not appear for court today. A warrant was issued for his arrest with the instruction that he be held without bond.

Eddie Savage charged with reimposition of a suspended sentence. Mr. Savage was convicted on five counts of cocaine distribution back in 2002 and served 8 years and 6 months but while out on good behavior was convicted of possession given 30 months with 6 additional months added today. With a stern warning from the court about good behavior.

William Thompson charged with distributing diazepam(valium) on or about 11/7/11 and a second charge of distributing methylphenidate (Ritalin) on or about 2/9/12. Mr. Thompson was asking for a charge reduction to accommodation from distributing. His wife Bonnie had plead guilty to distributing in a previous trial and sentenced to 25 years with all but 7 months suspended. Both Bonnie and William testified to being in the car at Shore Stop on Chincoteague Island for the first charge and that on the second charge she sent William to sell the Ritalin to a confidential informant. Mr. Thompson was found guilty on both charges of distributing with the case continued for a pre-sentencing report.

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