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3/26/2013 - Accomack Board conducts budget hearing - Click here to print this information

By Wesley Edwards

Opening the meeting Chairman Donald Hart explained that the Board of Supervisors was there to listen to the public comments about the 2013-2014 proposed budget.

Mike Mason financial officer for the county put up a slide presentation explaining that this budget was $6 million dollars less than last year due to the funding last year for the closing of the southern landfill. His highlights of the 500 page 2013-2014 budget were:

1. No tax increase.
2. Local sales tax collection was up due to new retail sales.
3. $1.3 million in new capital expenditures.
4. $290,000 for additional space for the sheriff's building.
5. A 3% raise for all county employees
6. $772,000 additional dollars put in the rainy day fund bring the total to 10.6% with a long term goal of 16%.

Mr. Winter Cullen of Painter told the story of an accident he and his wife were in 8 years ago and that he had only the Bloxom fire department to thank for saving her life and maybe his leg. He and nine other people asked the board to fund a full time EMS person for the Bloxom fire department in this budget process.

Harry Rush of Onancock speaking along with five others asked the board for additional funding of five thousand more dollars bringing the total to $15,000 for the Collation Against Domestic Violence.

Paul Mulley of Parksley thanked all the fire departments and EMS people up and down the shore for all of their hard work. He then went on to say he had seen a vacuum truck like the $175,000 one now in the budget operate on Bear Town road and it did not work suggesting that it be removed from the budget. He felt the inmates managed by the Sheriff's department were a much better way to deal with litter and at far less cost.

With no other speakers the meeting was adjourned until April 9, when a final vote on this budget is expected.

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