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9/28/2012 - Onley woman guilty of food stamp fraud - Click here to print this information

By Connie Morrison

A woman who was getting food stamps without reporting she was working, and allowing her son to use the benefits in New York, was found guilty in Accomack County Circuit Court by Judge W. Revell Lewis III. Janet Marie Mackey, of Onley, pled not guilty to food stamp fraud for a period that spanned roughly 18 months between April 1, 2010 and September 30, 2012.

An eligibility worker for Accomack County Social Services detailed the process for obtaining and maintaining eligibility for food stamps, and Ms. Mackey's fraudulent responses to questions that influenced decisions about the amount of food stamps for which she could qualify. Ms. Mackey claimed that her son, who was living in New York, was still living with her, which allowed her to qualify for a higher level of benefits. She also failed to report that she had acquired employment.

Commonwealths Attorney Gary Agar then called the manager of the Wal-Mart Subway restaurant in Onley, who verified that Ms. Mackey had been employed since November, 2010, and an investigator for Social Services who reviewed her records and found most of the transactions during the period had occurred in New York. When confronted with the evidence, Ms. Mackey admitted her son lives in New York, but said she thought is was ok to allow him to use the card.

In all, Ms. Mackey obtained over $4,000 of benefits to which she was not entitled. She was permitted to remain on bond until sentencing

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