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10/12/2017 - Baldwin Purchases Eastville Buildings - Click here to print this information

By Wesley Edwards

After more than a 60 minute closed session, the Northampton County Supervisors voted to sell the buildings across from the Eastville Inn to Sugar Run, LLC which is owned by Eyre Baldwin for $85,000. Before the unanimous vote it was obvious that the terms of payment and the interest rate were less than a perfect deal for the County.

Earlier in the evening a discussion took place about the fact that limited liability corporations(LLCs) lack the exposure that private taxpayers deal with. That discussion took place when Supervisors Duer and Hogg pointed out that delinquent taxpayers of LLCs should be prevented from doing business with the County. Supervisor Duer stated during the Sugar Run sale discussion that the chill of the terms were offset by the thrill of the sale.

Chairman Spencer Murray pointed out the sale that these buildings would now put them back on the Northampton tax base.

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