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10/11/2017 - Bids Submitted for Old Eastville Jail Demolition - Click here to print this information

By Wesley Edwards

At Tuesday night's Northampton County Board of Supervisors meeting, bids from Munden LLC and Macsons Inc. were disclosed for demolition of the 1914 jail building. The Northampton County Historical Society requested that the locking mechanisms in the building be preserved along with other artifacts. The base bids are $44,265 from Munden and $36,172 from Macsons Inc. Each company includes ad ons for preserving artifacts and the locking mechanisms. Mundens ad on for alternative one was $2,650 and $4,950 for alternate number 2 bringing their total to $51,865. Macsons ad ons were $15,379 for alternate one and $12,070 for alternate number 2.

After the presentation of the bids by the director of public works Chris Thompson, a lengthy discussion ensued. Chairman Spencer Murray stated that the building is a real eye sore. Supervisor Oliver Bennett stated that he does not think the jail is a point of pride for some people and questioned if tax money should be spent. The discussion led to the digging up of the old lease agreement between Eastville and the County which stated that the County would pay the first $30,000 for demolition. Supervisor Larry LeMond stated that he questions the expenditure and whether taxpayer money should be spent with no likely return.

After discussion Chairman Murray agreed to meet with the Eastville Town Council to see if a plan could be arrived that it would be acceptable to both parties.

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