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8/12/2017 - Hallwood Man Pleads Guilty to Firearm Possession by a Felon and Assault - Click here to print this information

By Wesley Edwards

Andrew Rodriquez of Hallwood was in Circuit Court on Thursday facing a possession of a firearm by felon charge, a reckless handling of a firearm charge, a assault charge, and the violation of a protective order charge.

Rodriquezs case was scheduled for a not guilty or contested trial but when the case was called defense attorney Carl Bundick announced that the defendant was going to plead guilty.
Judge Lewis explained to the defendant that he was facing a maximum sentence of 5 years +36 months a $10,000 fine along with court costs.

Commonwealth's Attorney Spencer Morgan told the court that officer Patterson was dispatched to the residence of Samantha Medler where she and the defendant lived with Ms. Medler telling the officer that Rodriguez had pointed a firearm which turned out to be a Smith & Wesson rifle at her and threatened to kill her. Medler, using the excuse of letting the dog out, ran outside and called police before any violence took place. The domestic situation according to proffered information was that the defendant came home and claimed he smelled Western fries and wanted to know who had been in the house. Morgan also told the court that the defendant in October 2008 had the felony conviction therefore was not supposed to be in the presence of any fire arm and that the protective order was issued July 21, 2015.
Defense attorney Carl Bundick told the court that the defendant had been in jail since his conviction and he was suggestion that the guidelines be followed.

Judge Lewis then accepted the guilty plea and upon the request of the Commonwealth continued the case until a presentence report could be prepared remanding the defendant to remain in custody until that time.

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