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Shellie Crockett Murder Trial Gets Underway Today - Click here to print this information

By Wesley Edwards

The Shellie Crockett murder trial, scheduled to begin today, had a second round of motions heard on Monday in Northampton County Circuit Court.

Winston Burton is charged with abduction and murder after he attacked Crockett in the parking lot of Riverside Shore Memorial Hospital on November 28, 2016 and stabbed her several times. Crockett died as a result of those injuries.

Burton and his defense attorney Carl Bundick heard Commonwealth's Attorney Bruce Jones make a motion to nolle process the abduction charge explaining that this was being done in case something went wrong with the murder trial he could then have a 2nd trial on the abduction charge.

Jones then told the court that Burton had two prior convictions and that he intended to bring those into evidence at Burton's trial and he would need a ruling from the court to that effect unless the defense stipulated it was acceptable. Bundick immediately said he would not stipulate to entering a prior record during the trial process. Judge Lewis, quoting case law Washington versus the state of Virginia in 2006, said that in these circumstances that information would be permitted as part of the trial.

In a separate motion, Jones asked the court to allow him to put on the medical and technical experts first so that they would be free to leave court and in one case, testify in a separate case in Virginia Beach. Defense attorney Bundick objected stating that until things like a knife, blood, telephone data, were all entered into evidence by the police no one should be allowed to testify to their use or the data. Judge Lewis again overruled the objection but stated he would review it as it came forward.

Bundick then stated that he wanted entered into the record that his motion for a 2nd evaluation of the defendant's competence to stand trial which had been denied. A pending motion to suppress certain evidence was then dropped by the defense.

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