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7/17/2017 - Three No Shows at Accomack Circuit Court Thursday - Click here to print this information

By Wesley Edwards

Thursday's docket in Accomack County Circuit Court was made up of 6 separate defendants with 3 no-shows. Ryan Fitchett of Exmore was represented by defense attorney Garrett Dunham who made a motion to continue the case telling the court the defendant was at sea on a fishing boat and could not attend court today. Judge Lewis told Dunham that they had had a similar issue with Mr. Fitchett one other time and that he was to be in court on August 3, 2017 or he would be arrested and held without bond.

Kyle Binder, of Accomac was also scheduled on Thursday to be sentenced for attempting to deliver a controlled substance to a prisoner and a probation violation from a previous conviction of grand larceny. Dunham was also Binders defense attorney and when he told Judge Lewis Binders whereabouts was unknown judge Lewis issued a warrant for his arrest with the instruction he was to be held without bond.

The 3rd no-show Joshua Chivers, of Sanford was scheduled for a probation revocation on a burglary grand larceny and possession of a firearm charge with his defense attorney Teresa Bliss telling the court that the defendant was bonded out and that his Ohio phone was no longer working and that she understood he was in North Carolina but had simply disappeared off the map. Judge Lewis then issued a warrant for Chivers to be arrested and also held without bond.

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