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7/15/2017 - Bonniwell Guilty of Probation Violations - Click here to print this information

By Wesley Edwards

Ryan Bonniwell was in Accomack County Circuit Court Thursday. Bonniwell was convicted for burglary and grand larceny and ordered by Accomack County Circuit Court to pay no less than $3000 per year until the full restitution was paid.

Bonniwell, was back in Circuit Court facing a probation violation for not making restitution in accordance with the court order and a new charge of obtaining money under false pretense which was also a probation violation.

Defense attorney Teresa Bliss told the court that the defendant had paid approximately $2000 and now was employed and had set up a $100 per week deduction from his check to restart making restitution. Bliss reported that there was $18,062 still due.
Judge Lewis then accepted the guilty plea for two probation violations and reimposed the 7 years pending suspending it all under the condition that the defendant follow the outline plan for repayment.

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