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6/19/2017 - Tangier Resident to Raise Money to Help Promote Erosion Problem - Click here to print this information

TANGIER, Va. (AP)- A resident of small island town has started an online fundraiser to purchase copies of a documentary on the island's erosion problem and send it to federal officials.

Tangier Town Council member Anna E. Pruitt-Parks started a GoFundMe on Monday after President Donald Trump called Tangier Mayor James "Ooker" Eskridge following his viewing of a recent CNN story about the island.
Pruitt-Parks wants to purchase 550 copies of "Pieces of Tangier," a 2014 documentary produced by Jenny Roberts as her master's thesis. Pruitt-Parks says CNN "twisted the story," while Roberts' documentary accurately details the island's erosion problem.

Pruitt-Parks plans to send the copies to the 535 members of Congress and other federal officials, including Trump. She has raised $1,895 of her $3,200 goal.

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