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6/17/2017 - Wattsville Man Sentenced in Sexual Battery/Burglary Charges - Click here to print this information

By Wesley Edwards

Marcus Joynes, of Wattsville was in Accomack County Circuit Court for sentencing from his conviction on December 8, 2016 at a bench trial of burglary and sexual battery. . This offense occurred in September 2014, but the defendant was not arrested until 2015 when under the 2015 arrest a DNA sample was taken which turned out to match the DNA gathered on the sexual battery in 2014.

Defense attorney Teresa Bliss told the court that the defendant had been incarcerated for a total of 20 months plus 3 weeks and that was well within the guidelines of these charges. She also referred to Dr. Kenyans 2016 report that Joynes would need lifelong treatment for his mental issues even though he declared him competent to stand trial.

Commonwealths Attorney Spencer Morgan made it very clear that he felt the guidelines in this case were too low. Morgan reminded the court that the defendant pled not guilty even though his DNA matched the DNA on the clothing of the female victim who had to re-live her horrible experience by testifying in live court terrorizing her again.

Judge Lewis told the defendant that he had denied his guilt, claiming that he did not do it with the victim testifying that he had pushed open the door and sexually battered the victim. Judge Lewis sentenced the defendant to 12 months on the burglary charge and to 10 years on the breaking and entering suspending all but 5 years. The defendant will also be on probation for additional 5 years with 20 years of good behavior.

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