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Chincoteague Water Supply Tests Safe - Click here to print this information

By Wesley Edwards

At Wednesday night's Accomack County Board of Supervisors meeting, County administrator Mike Mason reported that he had received a press release from NASA stating that they were monitoring drinking water wells for the presence of polyfluoroalkl substances which are prevalent in firefighting foam.

The release says that recent samples of shallow groundwater monitoring wells near the former fire training site at Wallops found PFAS levels above the EPA lifetime health advisory level.

NASA, in collaboration with the town of Chincoteague, and the Virginia Department of Health, tested Chincoteague drinking water wells which are located on Wallops property. The test results came back Thursday afternoon and the findings were that the Chincoteague water supply is safe.

Citizens with questions were asked to call Jeremy Eggers Wallops office of communications phone number 757-824-2958.

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