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Mosley, Va. Man Pleads Guilty to Posessing Four Illegal Drugs - Click here to print this information

By Wesley Edwards

Nicholas Tremaglio of Mosley, Va. entered Northampton County Circuit Court facing 4 felony counts of drug possession and 2 misdemeanor charges. The misdemeanors were possession of alcohol by minor and a small amount of marijuana.

The defendant entered a guilty plea through his attorney Tom Northam while asking for first offender status. Judge Lewis explained to the defendant that he was facing 40 years, + $13,000 fine, and all court.

The Commonwealth's Attorney Bruce Jones told the court that the defendant on July 28, 2016 in Exmore was stopped for speeding with the arresting officer smelling marijuana and subsequently through a search discovered what was determined to be psilogin, lisdexamfetamine, hydrocodone, and methylphenidate.

Mr. Northam told the court that this defendant had recently transferred from Hampton University to New York University and was in the honors program. Northam then told the court that the defendant's father was a JAG officer in the Navy and was prepared to present several letters of commendation and recommendation from professors at both schools.

Judge Lewis then accepted the defendant's guilty plea placed him in the first offender program deferring this case until March 26, 2018 explaining to the defendant that he was on probation and would evaluated for substance abuse, complete 100 hours of community service and that his driving privileges would be suspended for 6 months on all 6 counts, 36 months total but that he would grant a restricted license for getting to and from school and or to and from work, the case was continued until March 26, 2018.

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