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2/16/2017 - School Board Appears Before Accomac Board of Supervisors - Click here to print this information

By Wesley Edwards

Finance Director Beth Onley on behalf of the School Board told the Accomack County Board of Supervisors Wednesday night that although revenue is expected to be up $936,000 expenditures are estimated to be up $1.9 million leaving the school system with a $483,000 discrepancy. In the Accomack County budgeting process, the school system is receiving $392,000 more than in the past year and there still is this $483,000 shortage. Onley did not directly request any additional help from the county but later, in the school board presentation, Chairman Ronald Holden told the supervisors any help would be deeply appreciated and that he felt this budget was very realistic and needed to be approved as submitted.

Superintendent Chris Holland followed Holden to the podium and explained that Accomack County has 5,338 students up 20 from the previous year with 11 schools 8 of which are accredited and is similar to 111 other school districts in the state of Virginia. Holland said that he had hired 7 new people all from the county and he intends to continue hiring local. Holland pointed out that Virginia Beach is seeking 500 new teachers for the upcoming school year and that Accomack County cannot keep losing 58 teachers per year.

The supervisors then agreed to meet again on February 27 at 5 PM to continue working on the budget.

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