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3/6/2017 - Judge Orders Landlade County Man To Pay Back $250K He Stole - Click here to print this information

A Langlade County Judge has ordered 24 year-old Zachary McKinnon to pay back hundreds of thousands of dollars he stole from local victims. McKinnon agreed to a plea deal on Thursday with the county prosecutor, but Judge John Rhode did not agree to all the terms of the deal and sentenced McKinnon to 60 days in jail and 10 years probation. He ordered McKinnon to pay back more than 250-thousand dollars. In 2014, McKinnon reportedly convinced a man that hed been injured in a crash which cut short his football career. He convinced the man to give him 1090-thousand dollars that would be paid back once his multi-million dollar injury settlement came in. McKinnon then convinced another person to pay for a supposed kidney surgery to the tune of 130-thousand dollars. Prosecutors say McKinnon drew up fake legal documents using the names of real lawyers, including one attorney who is dead.

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