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4/21/2015 - County Board Receives Info On Economic Development - Click here to print this information

Economic Development Director Angie Close gave a presentation to the Langlade County Board of Supervisors Tuesday morning. Most of the information came from 2014. Close stated for average hourly wage in the county, Langlade was only $1 an hour less than Marathon, and less than a difference for the statewide average. She says that dispels the notion that Langlade County doesn't have livable wage jobs.

The organization's loan program was also heavily used last year. Four loans are currently open for Langlade County business, including Langlade Springs, Northern Steel, Northstar Lanes, and Antigo Neon. All four businesses increased employment after receiving the loan.

Close says she is currently working on studying the county's business landscape, expanding or retaining companies, and working with schools to close the gap between education and the working world.

She also touted a $10,000 grant given to them by the Suick Family Foundation. With that money, a course will be set up to help entrepreneurs who want to start their own business but need help getting started. The details are still being finalized but the class is expected to begin in the fall.

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