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4/16/2015 - City of Antigo Reminds Citizens Outdoor Weather Sirens Won't Be In Use; Provides Alternatives - Click here to print this information

At their meeting in October of 2014, the Antigo City Council decided it was in the Citys best interest to eliminate the use of the aged emergency weather sirens early in 2015. Reasons for the decision included increasing operational costs, dependability and liability concerns. Though the sirens are no longer operational, officials say there are numerous ways to hear the threat of severe weather including apps on a person's cellphone, or listening to television or radio stations, where forecasts are given out days in advance.

Studies indicated that the city would have to invest in a third siren as well. City administrator Mark Desotell says that if your friend or relative is not into technology, a NOAA weather radio is very reasonably priced, and makes a great gift for mother's day, father's day, or birthdays.

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