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5/7/2018 - Susanville City Council Discusses Ballot Measure J and Advisory Measure K - Click here to print this information

During the Susanville City Council meeting, the Council was asked to approve a resolution authorizing the support of the Lassen County General Tax Measure J and Advisory Measure K which will be placed before the voters of Lassen County on June 5th.

According to Interim City Administrator Dan Newton, the Lassen County Board of Supervisors have placed Measure J on the June 5th ballot.

Measure J would impose a three-quarters of one-percent sales tax for unrestricted general fund purposes.

In addition, Advisory measure K has been placed on the ballot, and poses the question to the voters regarding the use of the additional revenue.

Specifically, Measure K asks the voters if 75% of the revenue obtained from the three-quarter percent sales tax should be used exclusively for public safety, and be added to, but not replace, the current public safety budgets.

While the Advisory measure is not legally binding, the Board of Supervisors have previously announced their commitment to identifying the priorities of their constituents.

Mr. Newton stated that a resolution of support for Sales Tax Measure J and Advisory Measure K had been prepared.

It stated the City Counsels support for the ballot measures and the commitment of the Council to support the direction expressed by voters regarding Advisory Measure K.

The Council unanimously approved the resolution, thereby authorizing the support of Measure J and Advisory Measure K.

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