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5/3/2018 - Lassen County Board of Supervisors Discuss Westwood High School Drama Club - Click here to print this information

During the Lassen County Board of Supervisors meeting, Supervisor Gallagher designated $500 from his Discretionary Fund to the Westwood High School Drama Club.

Carol Ross, who teaches the Drama Club at Westwood High School, told the Board about the program at Supervisor Gallaghers request.

For the Drama Club, Ms. Ross created the Shakespeare project.

Essentially, her students had to complete a checklist of challenges to earn points.

Once the student reached 200 points, they were given the opportunity to become an expert for the Shakespeare play of their choice.

To become an expert, the students had to conduct extensive research about the play.

They were expected to know the clothing, food, technology, and culture that was common during the time period.

After becoming an expert and selecting their favorite play, the students were divided into groups.

The student groups then had to become a teacher for the day by teaching the class everything they had learned and presenting a quiz. In addition, the students actually had to perform the Shakespeare play.

The students thoroughly enjoyed the program, and Ms. Ross was extremely proud of their hard work.

As a reward for her students time and effort, Ms. Ross has been raising money for them attend the Shakespeare Festival in Ashland.

At the conclusion of Ms. Ross presentation, Supervisor Gallagher happily donated $500 in support of the Drama Clubs trip to Ashland.

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