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5/2/2018 - C&S Waste Solutions to Increase Recycle Material Fees - Click here to print this information

Effective July 1st, residential recycle customers of C&S Waste Solutions will see up to a $2 a month increase for recycle material fees.

Meanwhile, commercial recycle customers have already begun seeing a fee based on the cubic yards of their recycling as of May 1st.

According to C&S Waste Solutions of Lassen County, the changes are due to a very low recycling market.

In the past, C&S Waste would receive $75 per ton for recycling. Now they must pay $55 per ton to dispose of recyclables.

The lack of demand for recycled waste is the result of numerous policy changes enacted in China, which is where California sends the majority of its recycle waste.

C&S Waste Solutions assures the public that the $2 fee is NOT intended to make money, but is intended to keep the local recycle program alive.

Also in response to the changes, C&S Waste has been working hard to keep the public informed by handing out flyers and posting to social media.

In addition, they have been tagging carts that do not conform to the stricter recycling standards that have been outlined by China.

For more information about the fees or effects of Chinas policy changes on the local area, please contact C&S Waste at 252-1200.

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