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1/12/2018 - Quincy CHP Not Horsing-Around With Traffic Safety - Click here to print this information

Yesterday while out trying to enforce School Bus flashing red light violations, the Quincy CHP had to divert four reckless horses that were fleeing on hoof.

The 20 mph chase led Officers east on Center Street, south on 5th Street, east on Mansell Street, and south on First Street.

The horses stopped at the south end of First Street where they became content with a nice patch of 'shoulder food'.

The Quincy CHP was given assistance from the Plumas County Animal Control and two local wranglers who did a great job of harnessing the rambunctious congregation.

Lessons for the day:

1. Be sure to stop when the red lights are flashing on a School Bus. If you are traveling in the area of Cemetery (Radio) Hill, in Quincy, in the same direction as the School Bus, you must stop (both lanes).

2. Make sure you secure your pets/livestock.

3. Be careful out there!

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