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1/10/2018 - Lassen County Board of Supervisors Approve Child Advocacy Center (KC) Program Grant - Click here to print this information

During the Lassen County Board of Supervisors meeting, the Board was asked to authorize the District Attorneys Office application for the Child Advocacy Center (KC) Program grant.

The grant funds, which would provide an additional $218,750 to the D.A.s budget, is available through CalOES.

The funds would be used to assist the multidisciplinary investigative team which provides services to children of sexual abuse and physical abuse.

The D.A. Office plans to use the funds in multiple ways.

First, they hope to improve their interview room specifically for children who have suffered abuse.
They hope to create a soft-room for interviewing such children, with an adjoining conference room for the MDI team to observe the interview.

The soft-room would be designed as a child-friendly environment, which would allow the children to feel more comfortable during the interview process.

The soft-room would provide another benefit in that the children would only have to complete a single interview, which would reduce the amount of trauma suffered by the young victims.

This would also make for a much stronger court case, which would ultimately result in more successful prosecutions.

The D.A.s Office also hopes to use the funds to improve training to their other partners in the community about the MDI team, its importance, and how to best serve children in the community.

The Board unanimously approved the D.A. Offices request, thereby authorizing the application for the Child Advocacy Center (KC) Program grant.

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