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1/4/2018 - Accident on SR-89 Results in Minor Injuries - Click here to print this information

On Tuesday, at approximately 7:45 a.m., 31-year-old Joseph Victorino was driving a Ford Expedition southbound on SR-89 south of the Wolf Creek Underpass at approximately 35 MPH.

Meanwhile, 55-year-old William Harvey was driving his work truck, a Peterbilt Conventional Truck Tractor northbound on SR-89 approaching the Wolf Creek Underpass at approximately 40-45 MPH.

SR-89 at this location was covered in a thin layer of ice.

CALTRANS had spread some aggregate material on the roadway to afford passing traffic better traction on the slippery roadway.

As the two vehicles approached each other, Mr. Victorino lost control of his vehicle on the ice.

He forcefully applied brakes to the Expedition.

The vehicle then skidded out of the southbound lane, across the centerline, and impacted with the left side of the Peterbilt which was traveling in the northbound lane.

This impact caused the front airbags of the Expedition to deploy.

The Expedition was thrown onto the west shoulder of SR-89 and came to rest facing partially down a small embankment.

The impact destroyed the left front wheel and axel on the Peterbilt.

The Peterbilt drove across all lanes of SR-89 and came to rest partially hanging over a steep rock embankment leading to Wolf Creek.

Both Mr. Victorino and Mr. Harvey exited their vehicles, and waited for help to arrive.

Luckily, both parties had been wearing their seatbelts during the accident, and they only suffered minor injuries.

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