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1/2/2018 - Susanville Police Department Crime Logs - Click here to print this information


Reports of a car having been broken into with items taken

Reports of belongings stolen from a residence

Reports of multiple gunshots heard in the area

Reports of an individual caught shoplifting


Reports of an individual stealing a drone from a local business


Reports of an individual stealing diesel fuel out of an unlocked truck. The suspect left an ax on the drivers seat


Reports of a purse stolen from a home

Reports of an individual coming home to discover someone had entered the residence while they were away


Reports of a vehicle having been spray painted, with a second vehicle appearing to have gasoline stolen from it.

Reports of an individual prowling in the back of a vacant home

Reports of individuals going through dumpsters


Reports of a purse stolen from a vehicle

Reports of the latrines and tables at Riverside Park having been flipped over

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