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12/29/2017 - Susanville Police Department Crime Logs: - Click here to print this information


Reports of theft from a local business

Reports of an individual beating on windows and threatening employees at a local gas station


Reports of money stolen from a house

Reports of a bicycle stolen from the
open door of a local business

Reports of alcohol stolen from a local business

Reports of an unlocked cars door and glove box opened. Unknown if items were stolen.


Reports of a car broken into overnight


Reports of an individual looking into car windows

Reports of an individual having been detained by loss prevention at a local business


Reports of items stolen from a car overnight

Reports of a residential fence having been broken, the garage doors opened, and items stolen from boxes


Reports of a wallet stolen from a vehicle

Reports of a man attempting to gain entry to a car. When he was caught, the suspect left the area. However, he appeared to be checking for vehicles that were warming up and unattended

Reports of a wallet stolen from an unlocked car

Reports of items stolen from a vehicle

Reports of an individual returning home to find back and front doors opened and a firearm stolen


Reports of an unlocked vehicle with items stolen

Reports of a house having been ransacked while the owner was away.

Reports of shots fired in a residential area

For the residents of Susanville, keep in mind, these are merely a small sample of the Police Departments Media Logs.

Of those, sixteen of the nineteen we selected involve theft or attempted theft of some form.

Of those sixteen, over half are car-related thefts.

Even worse,at least a third of the cars involved in these incidents were left UNLOCKED during the time the crime took place.

Since car theft has become so obviously prevalent, please remember to lock your cars at night and stow your valuables in a safe or discreet location.

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