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11/14/2017 - Susanville Police Department Crime Logs - Click here to print this information

Susanville Police Department Crime Logs:


Reports of shop windows having been broken out

Reports of an individual in a dumpster throwing the trash out

Reports of a transient sleeping in front of the doors of a local business

Reports of a woman outside of a business yelling at the customers

Reports from a local Inn of a woman throwing keys at the manager


Reports of a deer tied to a fence (officers responded to the scene and freed the animal)


Reports of two homeless men fighting in the parking lot of a local business


Reports of possible drug activity

Reports of a stolen cell phone


Reports of an individual trying to break into the room of a local Inn

Reports of finding drug paraphernalia in the toilet of a local business.

Reports of stolen demo iphone from a local business


Reports of a female going through


Reports of a stolen fire extinguisher

Reports of individuals pan handling in front of a local business


Reports of a male shining a flashlight into vehicles.

Reports of property having been stolen from a residence.

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