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11/7/2017 - The Susanville City Council Receives the Susanville Fire Departments' Quarterly Update - Click here to print this information

During the Susanville City Council meeting, the Council received the Susanville Fire Departments Quarterly Update, and they have certainly been busy!

The Fire Department currently has 7 paid staff members, one Chaplain, and 21 volunteer members, with 6 volunteer applications pending.

This Quarter, the Department has responded to 404 incidents, some of which included: wildland/vegetation fires, building fires, cooking fires, and vehicle fires among many others.

The Susanville Fire Department Staff responded to 11 different local fires, in addition to 6 different out of the area fires.

The Department also processed 128 properties that were not compliant with Susanville Municipal Code standards.

Out of those properties, 11 were abated with the property owners receiving a lien against their property.

The Fire Department also conducted 5 annual business inspections, with 7 new business inspections for the quarter and 1 fire protection system inspection.

In addition, the Department conducted 1 station tour, 4 site visits, 2 requests for the E.D.I.T.H. trailer, and 1 CPR/First Aid Class for the general public during this quarter.

The Departments Explorer Program also continues to be a success with the maximum of 10 applicants currently enrolled.

The Fire Department also participated in the Family Fun Olympics, the Susanville Police Departments Active Shooter Training, and they hosted an open house that drew over 400+ residents to the Susanville Fire Department.

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