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11/7/2017 - Susanville Police Department Crime Logs - Click here to print this information

Susanville Police Department Crime Logs:


Reports of an individual attempting to break into a car

Reports of the storage unit at Memorial Park having been broken into

Reports of a stolen cell phone

Reports of having observed a male subject steal a chainsaw

Reports of hearing 4 shots in a residential area


Reports of a shed having been broken into

Reports of homeless people living by the river with 2 subjects peeking through a residences window

Reports of a hole drilled in the gas tank of a vehicle at Motor Pool

Reports of the locks having been cut off the shed at the senior center


Reports of the lock having been cut off the storage shed at the Senior Center

Reports of tools having been taken from a garage

Reports of two men trying to open vehicular and residential doors


Reports of a window having been broken with a rock. Cash was also taken

Reports of a phone being stolen from a vehicle at a gas station while the vehicle owner was inside paying for gas

Reports of a school having been broken into. Items were taken from the science building. The suspect also defecated in the school.

Reports of a break in at a residence while home owner was out of town


Reports of a shed having been broken into

Reports of a stroller having been stolen from a pickup


Reports of a male subject shining a flashlight into vehicles

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