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11/6/2017 - Susanville City Council Discusses Marijuana and Sales Tax - Click here to print this information

During the Susanville City Council meeting, the Council was asked to consider the impacts of State Marijuana Legislation on Existing Susanville Municipal Code.

Essentially, changes in state laws have made some of the provisions of Susanville Municipal Code unenforceable.

Now, there are several options available to the Councils consideration regarding regulation of medicinal and recreational marijuana within city limits.

The Council could choose to enact any combination of such regulation, licensing taxation, or bans on outdoor cultivation.

After much discussion and consideration, the Council unanimously decided to direct staff to prepare an interim ordinance that would ban all cannabis activity, except for indoor grows.

Also during the meeting, the Council was given an update on the possible sales tax increase within the City of Susanville.

The current sales tax within the City of Susanville is 7.25%.

The City has proposed increasing that tax by .25% or .50% to help provide additional funding.

At the same time, the Lassen County Board of Supervisors is seeking a possible increase to the County Sales tax.

At a previous meeting, the Board unanimously directed Countys Staff to pursue a .50% increase to the County tax.

The Council and the Board of Supervisors expressed their concerns about ensuring fair taxation for those in the County and for those in the City.

Both governing bodies believed the best way to accomplish this would be through open negotiations.

That way, they could come to an agreement that was mutually beneficial to those living in Susanville and those living in Lassen County.

Therefore, after much discussion, the Council unanimously approved staff to open negotiations with the County to reach an agreement for an increase in sales tax starting at .50%.

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