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8/11/2017 - Accident Results in Minor Injuries on SR-89 - Click here to print this information

On Tuesday, 58-year-old Lauren Lebaron was traveling northbound on SR-89 just north of the Wolf Creek Underpass.

Ms. Lebaron was traveling slowly because she had felt a wobble in her vehicle.

A logging truck began to tailgate her, so Ms. Lebaron increased her speed. She then began traversing a series of S-curves at speed.

As she entered a left curve, her vehicles tires lost traction and entered the southbound lane.

Ms. Lebaron forcefully turned the vehicle to the right to avoid an oncoming vehicle.

Her car then skidded out of control across both lanes.

Ms. Lebron then impacted the mountainside which caused the vehicle to overturn.

The car rolled multiple times, ripping the right front wheel assembly from the vehicle.

Luckily, Ms. Lebaron only sustained minor injuries as a result of the accident.

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