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8/7/2017 - Susanville City Council Approves Numerous Topics - Click here to print this information

During the Susanville City Council meeting, the Council was asked to approve numerous topics.

First, the Council was asked to authorize the City Administrator to execute an agreement with Dyer Engineering for the evaluation and modification for construction documents for the completion of the Cady Springs Pump Station and Pipeline.

The project will be funded through a grant using Proposition 84 funds.

Second, the Council was asked to approve the execution of an Airport Ground Lease Agreement for hangar 37 with the Experimental Aircraft Association Chapter 794.

Finally, the Council was asked to approve a resolution finding that the required conditions for recordation of phase 1 of the final map for the Quail Hollow subdivision have been complied with and directing the City Clerk to effect the recordation of the map prior to August 12th.

The map is for a total of 33 lots (maps 1-15 and lots 43-60) located on the east side of Paiute Lane and just north of Valley Vista Way.

The Council approved all three items in a unanimous decision.

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