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8/3/2017 - Governor Brown Declares A State of Emergency in Modoc County - Click here to print this information

(AP)- California Governor Jerry Brown has declared a State of Emergency for Modoc County due to the effects of several fires which have burned tens of thousands of acres, threatened homes and critical infrastructure, and caused evacuations.

On July 24, 2017, several fires began burning in Modoc County as a result of lightning strikes. Together the fires have burned more than 70,000 acres. These fires are threatening homes and agricultural property necessitating the evacuation of residents and requiring emergency shelters to be established.

These fires are threatening power lines and other critical infrastructure and have forced the closure of several roads and with extreme weather conditions, like lightning storms and high temperatures in the forecast, there is a further increased risk of fires. This will further complicate efforts to contain existing wildfires.

Governor Brown said the circumstances of these fires by reason of their magnitude, are or are likely to be beyond the control of the services, personnel, equipment, and facilities of any single local government and require the combined forces of a mutual aid region or regions to combat.

Due to these circumstances, Governor Brown has ordered that all agencies of the state government utilize and employ state personnel, equipment, and facilities for the performance of any and all actives consistent with the direction of the Office of Emergency Services and the State Emergency Plan.

Also, all residents are to pay attention to the advice of emergency officials with regard to this emergency order to protect their safety.

The Office of Emergency Services will provide local government to Modoc County if appropriate.

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