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7/31/2017 - Potable Water Not Available in Two Campgrounds At Antelope Lake - Click here to print this information

Water systems work until they dont. At least, thats the case with the system that serves Antelope Lakes Boulder Creek and Lone Rock Campgrounds in the Plumas National Forest.

For now, campers must bring their own drinking water and recreational vehicles must fill up their tanks prior to arrival.

Long Point Campground, five miles away, is on a different system and is not affected.

An increasing number of leaks over the past several years now necessitate 16 major repairs, far beyond Forest employees ability to repair them in a timely fashion.

The leaks have caused an almost complete loss of system pressure and increased the potential for bacteriological contamination.

As a result, the Forest cant ensure safe drinking water meeting state requirements through at least August and likely the end of the season.

Plumas National Forest and Royal Elk Park Management, the concessionaire who operates the campgrounds at Antelope Lake, are investigating alternate water supply options until repairs can be completed on the water system.

This water system is over 50 years old as are many of our other campground water systems on this forest, said Dave Wood, Public Services Staff Officer. He noted leaks commonly develop in older systems which can cause contamination of the entire system, necessitating closure. Replacing just this one system would likely cost around a million dollars the money simply isnt there.

For more information, call the Mt. Hough Ranger District at (530) 283-0555.

For more Plumas National Forest information, go to or .

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