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6/16/2017 - Lassen County Board of Supervisors Discuss Numerous Topics During Meeting - Click here to print this information

During the Lassen County Board of Supervisors, the Board was asked to modify the agreement for EMS Services between Northern Califonia EMS, INC (NorCal EMS), and Lassen County establishing the terms and conditions for NorCal EMS to act as the Local EMS Agency for Lassen County for the term of July 1, 2017 June 30, 2018 in the amount of $29,371.58.

NorCal EMS has been serving Lassen County since 1982.

Currently, they serve 6 counties in our area amounting to 16,000 sq. mi. and a population of nearly 100,000 people.

NorCal EMS helps to train emergency personnel throughout their career. In addition, they provide all the patient-treatment protocols and policies.

They are also able to monitor and correct emergency personnel as necessary.

NorCal EMS in cooperation with the Susanville Fire Department and SEMSA are also implementing a mobile device project, which would bring in 10 devices similar to a laptop which would allow emergency responders to begin work on their patient care record prior to arriving at the hospital.

The Board of Supervisors were very pleased with NorCal EMS, and were willing to modify the agreement.

However, the agreement had multiple figures listed for the annual payment the County would owe.

Because of this, the Board voted to table the matter until the proper payment figures could be found.

The matter will reappear before the Board next week.

Caltrans also came before the Board during the meeting and gave a Transport Concept Report for U.S. Highway 395.

The TCR forecasts the needs and growth necessary for Highway 395 to meet population demands in twenty years time.

Caltrans has already completed their public input phase, which helped them to gather data and traffic information.

Over the summer, they will review the comments received from the public to develop a draft report.

Once the report is drafted, more public input can be given.

Caltrans hopes to have the report completed by the end of the year.

Already, public comments received by Caltrans stated that drivers utilize Highway 395 to transport goods, commute to work, and to travel for recreational purposes.

Also noted were unsafe passing maneuvers on the highway and the necessity for more passing lanes and the extension of the current passing lanes.

In addition, the public mentioned need for more capacity on Highway 395.

These comments will be addressed by Caltrans in their future draft report.

We will keep you updated on its progress as more information comes available.

Finally, during the meeting, the Board was informed that the County once again harbors a deadly predator.

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife confirmed the presence of at least two wolves within the County.

They do not believe the wolves have had pups yet.

They are believed to be in the Home Ranch - Moonlight Valley Moonlight Peak area of the County.

The Department of Fish and Wildlife are actively searching for both wolves in hopes of collaring the animals.

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