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6/15/2017 - Tractor Trailer Overturns on Highway 70 - Click here to print this information

On Tuesday, 56-year-old Steven Owens drove his Tractor Trailer loaded with lumber westbound on SR-70, just west of Spanish Creek Campground.

Owens was distracted by his lunch and a pet inside the vehicle, which caused him to enter a turn too fast for his vehicle to safely navigate.

Owens hit his brakes in an attempt to make the curve, but lost control of the vehicle.

His load of lumber shifted, tipping both the vehicle and the trailer.

The lumber spilled across the roadway as both the vehicle and trailer rolled over.

The accident damaged 138 of guardrail and completely blocked the eastbound lane of Highway 70.

Luckily though, Owens escaped with only minor injuries.

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