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6/15/2017 - Lassen County Board of Supervisors Discuss Cannabis and Title 19 - Click here to print this information

During the Lassen County Board of Supervisors meeting, the Board discussed a proposed amendment to Title 19 of the Lassen County Code defining allowable cannabis activity within the County.

The amendment would ban all commercial cannabis activity within Lassen County, but would allow certain non-commercial cultivation activities.

The amendment is essentially the same as what was proposed in April, with only a few modifications made.

This includes disallowing growing activity near school bus stops and adding retroactivity.

In addition, the Board updated the fencing requirements for grows.

They wish to see fences constructed in a workman-like manner with 8ft spans to help withstand the wind.

Despite these updates, the Board still seems uneasy about the amendment to Title 19.

Many unknowns factor into their decision, including how the State and Federal government plan to handle the issue.

In addition, there are fears of crime and misuse related to cannabis.

The final vote was 3-1, with all voting yes except for Supervisor Hemphill.

The amendment was therefore introduced, and is scheduled to reappear before the Board during the next meeting for possible adoption of the amendment.

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