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6/13/2017 - Susanville City Council Discusses CDBG Program - Click here to print this information

During the Susanville City Council meeting, the Council was asked to approve the execution of an agreement with Adams Ashby Group for grant administrative services for the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG).

Adams Ashby Group will be assisting with the administration of the Riverside Drive Rehabilitation Project.

Adams Ashby will help CDBG Staff to finalize the project scope, payment drawdowns, annual reporting, and any other items required of the City grant compliance.

If all goes to plan, construction at the Riverside Park project will begin next spring.

Work will include handicap access to the park, new curbs and gutters, as well as the addition of a new restroom.

Any extra funds would go towards putting in pathways, expanding the BBQ area, and other such projects.

The Council approved the execution of the agreement.

In addition, the Council was asked to approve the hiring of interns to complete the CDBG income survey.

CDBG Staff has requested 2-6 interns to assist in performing the surveys, which will help to target low/moderate income groups.

Targeting such groups will help make the Citys next CDBG application more competitive, allowing more funding for programs and projects for such groups.

The interns would be paid $15.00 an hour as city employees.

With their assistance, the random city-wide survey could be completed within 1-3 months.

The Council approved the hiring of interns for completion of the survey.

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