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6/9/2017 - Susanville Police Department Quarterly Update and Community Concerns on Criminal Activity - Click here to print this information

During the Susanville City Council meeting, Police Chief King gave an update on the Susanville Police Department.

The Police Department is not fully staffed at the moment, with one officer vacancy and two staff member vacancies.

Recruitment and staffing for the vacancies is underway.

In addition, due to the resignation of Cody Loflin, the Department is seeking an evidence technician.

The Department is flourishing though.
They continue to train and provide direction to staff.

They are also highly involved in the community.

The Department works with all six neighborhood watch programs in Susanville.

They have also participated in events such as the Walk-a-Mile, National Night Out, and the Main Street Cruise.

Chief King also reports that the Crime Stoppers have been successful, and resulted in 6 arrests over the past 90 days.

There are some changes Chief King wishes to make though, that would help make the Department more efficient and effective.

First, he wishes to update the Departments RMS, which is outdated.

The system is 80s technology, and makes report tracking and victim notification highly tedious work.

Also, Chief King wishes to implement I&B warrants, which would help eliminate the amount of time when a suspect is at large and not flagged as wanted.

Chief King says the most warrants can take 10-12 days, however I&B warrants would help to make the arrest process quicker than that.

Chief King also reported the remarkable activity the Department has had over the quarter.

Officers from the Police Department were dispatched to over 1,552 incidents.

They made 92 misdemeanor arrests and 44 felony arrests.

The breakdown is as follows:

* 2 Robberies

* 77 Assaults

*28 Burglaries

* 43 Theft

* 7 Auto Thefts

Chief Kings Quarterly Activity report couldnt have been better timed though, since the public comment portion of the meeting was filled with citizens voicing their concerns and frustrations about crime within the City.

Chief King listened to the concerns, promising the Department is doing everything they can to stop the crime.

However, due to many state laws, their hands are tied.

Even when criminals are arrested, most are out of jail on their own recognizance sometimes within mere hours.

Even worse, prosecution of crimes is a difficult and lengthy process with many road blocks.

Chief King assures the community though, that his Officers continue to work hard to deter crime.

In addition, the Police Department will be hosting a workshop in the future to help teach the public how they can protect themselves from such crimes.

The feelings of the Council, Police Department, and community were heard loud and clear at the meeting though.

Unanimous outcry determines to restore our city by rooting out criminal activity.

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