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6/7/2017 - Firearm and Car Thefts on the Rise - Click here to print this information

During the past few months, the Sierra Radio Network has observed a sudden uptick of burglaries and car thefts.

Recent police reports have shown that burglars have a new focus when robbing homes.

They often steal firearms and other weapons during break-ins.

Car thefts have also become increasingly more common.

Many locals have reported car thefts.

Some of the stolen cars have been located and returned to the proper owners.

However, many others are still waiting for the return of their property.

The Police Department and Sheriffs Department have been working hard to apprehend thieves; however the new propositions passed by the state of California have only served to make their job harder.

The City of Susanville says neighborhood watch programs have been met with success in deterring such crimes.

Citizens of the area are still encouraged to lock up their houses and cars.

They can also report any suspicious activity to law enforcement.

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