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6/5/2017 - Lassen Community College's Graduation Ceremony Featured Eighty-Five Graduates - Click here to print this information

Lassen Community Colleges graduation ceremony honored 85 graduates this year, which according to Dr. Hall, is the largest number of graduates to walk in the past five years.

The graduating class contained a variety of students, with the youngest graduate being a mere 17 years old, and the oldest being in his late 60s.

Multiple students were also able to graduate alongside parents, sons, cousins, and siblings.

One graduate was even the father of a current LCC faculty member.

During the ceremony, the youngest graduating student, 17-year-old Spencer Cole was awarded the John D. McCollum Memorial Scholarship.

Spencer had worked as a tutor in the math lab during his time at LCC, and was an exceptional student.

In addition, Lassen Community College honored long-time math teacher Ross Stevenson, who retired at the end of the 2017 Spring semester.

Professor Stevenson will be greatly missed by LCC, and the students who had the honor of being in his classes.

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