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6/2/2017 - Lassen County Sheriff's Office Arrest Burgalry and Vandalism Suspect - Click here to print this information

On Tuesday, the Lassen County Sheriffs Office initiated an investigation related to a burglary and vandalism that had occurred at a ranch off Belfast

The damage included approximately $7,000 worth of damage to a residence and heavy equipment, that was caused by bullets discharged from a firearm.

The theft included items stolen from the residence on the property.

The property owner was able to provide pictures of a potential suspect who had been photographed on the property about the time the crime occurred.

Locally operated Couso Design was able to enhance some photos of the person to help with identification.

Deputies identified the male as 23-year-old Susanville resident Lucas Franklin.

Then, on Wednesday Deputies arrested Franklin for Felony Vandalism, Theft, and Trespass.

Deputies were also able to recover some of the stolen property and the firearm that was used in the commission of the crime.

Franklin was booked at the Lassen County Jail and held on $20,000 bail.

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