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6/2/2017 - Lassen Library District Board of Trustees Seeks Possible Tax Increase - Click here to print this information

The Lassen Library District Board of Trustees is seeking community input on a possible tax increase.

In April, the Lassen Library District Board of Trustees passed Resolution 17-34 seeking additional revenue through an increase to the library parcel tax on the June 2018 ballot.

The current tax rate, set in 1994, is a mere $28.00 per residential dwelling within Susanville city limits.

Increasing the tax would provide numerous benefits to the library.

It would allow them to become more accessible to working families, cover the costs of capital improvements, prepare for future costs due to increased minimum wage, and so much more.

The library provides an important community resource.

Even now, they are working with Lassen Community College on an adult literacy program, helping teens with after school studies, and providing programs for children.

In addition, there is a computer center with free wi-fi that provides testing services for GEDs and professional certifications.

Those with comments for the Board of Trustees can visit the Library or the Librarys website by clicking the link below.

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