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Closings for Monday (28th) in observance of Memorial Day: The City, TDX, Post Office, Tribal Government Office, CBSFA Office, CAC (Sunday).

The SNP Volunteer Fire Department will have training on Thursday the 31st starting at 6pm at the fire station. All Firefighters on island are required to attend, if you cannot please let one of the fire officers know.

The Semi-Annual Tribal Membership Meeting will be held on Sunday, June 10th from 1pm-5pm in the Tribal Lounge. There will be a new format to the semi-annual meeting this year. Tribal members will have the opportunity to go on site-visits and learn more about Tribal Government programs, services and businesses. For more information, phone 3200.

WWII Evacuation Commemoration Thursday, June 14th Schedule:
5:30pm Gather at the ballfield, 6pm Commemorative Walk to East Landing, 6:15pm Prayer/Placing of flowers, 6:30pm Return to ball field.

The 11th Annual WW2 Aleut Evacuation Commemoration Softball Tournament will take place June 14th-16th (Thu-Sat). All games begin at 7pm. The Sign-up sheet will be posted at the store until Wednesday, June 6th. Any questions, call Stacy at 8321 or Chelsea at 8317. The Senior Class of 2019 will hold a BBQ fundraiser after the walk.

The Summer School Program will take place June 4th-29th for 1st - 6th grades.

The Senior Class of 2019 is holding a fundraiser. They will give away a round trip ticket on Pen Air during the July 4th festivities. Tickets are $2 each. For tickets see Sonia, Marjorie, Stacy, Peter, Biff or Theresa Baker.
The Sts. Peter & Paul Church is holding a fundraiser. Tickets are $1 each. The drawings will take place at the Community Potluck in the rec-hall on July 12th. They will give away 2-100 pound ACE Cargo freight certificates, a 58 Samsung TV and a round trip ticket on Pen Air. Call Rena at 4431 for more information or to purchase tickets.

Summer Fencing Lessons with Veronica will take place Tuesday evenings from 6pm-7:30pm in the A-Dorm through August 7th. This event is for ages 10 and up. The St. Paul Tribal Government will host an Audio/Visual Course with instructor Lee Butterfield. This event will be held in the E-Shop Sunday, May 27th Saturday June, 2nd. The youth course will be held from 9am-noon and then from 1pm-4pm in the field. The adult course will be held from 5:30pm-8:30pm. To sign up for the Fencing lessons or the Audio/Visual course, contact Veronica at the Tribal Office.

Permission slips for summer activities (Seabird Camp, ECO Camp, etc.) are available at the DHHS Office at Karens desk or the front desk of the Tribal Office. Be sure you return the signed forms to Karen or Veronica to ensure that the children can participate in the summer activities.

St. Paul School Community Library Hours: Closed for summer.

Summer curfew hours: Children 12 and under should be in from 10pm to 7am. Children 13 through 17 should be in from midnight to 7am. Curfew extensions for special community events are allowed by ordinance. Community event sponsors should contact the Dept of Public Safety at 3130 for more information.

St. Paul School Community Gym Use: Men's, JH and HS Basketball: Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7pm-9pm. Student play days for Pre-K 7th grade: Saturdays 8pm10pm and Sundays 2pm4pm.

SPHC Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm and closed during lunch (noon-1pm). Services available: Primary Care, Behavioral Health and Radiology.

Pen Air Hours of Operation: Sundays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 12 noon until hour after plane departs. Please bring all baggage including hand carries when checking in, this ensures the proper weight and balance for the plane. For more information contact Pen Air at 2460 during normal business hours.

City Cashier Window Hours: Monday-Friday 9:30am-12noon and from 1pm-4pm (except on paydays they are open through lunch).
Public Works and Machine Shop Hours: Monday-Friday 8am-5pm.
Gas Station Hours: Monday-Friday 1:30pm-6:30pm.

The food bank will be open Wednesday-Friday. Call before lunch and delivery will be made in the afternoon. For more information, call 8301.

The 24 Hour Crisis Line is open call 546-4189.

If you want to quit smoking or quit using smokeless tobacco, the Alaska Quit Line can help. 1-888-842-QUIT, 1-888-842-7848.

Bulk sales: Monday - Friday 5pm 7:30pm and Saturday 3:30pm 5:30pm.

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