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6/4/2018 - Stars And Stripes Forever Selected As July Jubilee Parade Theme - Click here to print this information

Residents across McCulloch County picked "Stars and Stripes Forever" as the theme for the 2018 July Jubilee Parade.

"Stars and Stripes Forever" was selected from four proposed themes by local residents who voted for their favorite with the Brady/McCullloch County Chamber of Commerce and on's Question of the Day.

The July Jubilee Parade will be held Saturday, July 7th at 10am.

On, "Stars and Stripes Forever" received 41% of the votes; "The Spirit of America" had 27%; "America the Beautiful" received 20%; with "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness" getting 11% of the votes cast.

Parade entry forms for those who want to participate in the annual parade will be available at the Brady Chamber through July 3rd.

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