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5/30/2018 - Korean Era Projectile Creates Flurry Of Activity - Click here to print this information

An old Korean War era projectile created a lot of activity and interest in Brady on Wednesday.

Guy Phillips, a local businessman, had a vintage shell in his barber shop at the 1100 Block of South Bridge as part of a military memorabilia collection.

A question about whether it was alive or inert caused the Brady Police Department to contact the Texas Rangers and the DPS Explosive Ordinance Team to investigate.

During the process, the area of the barber shop and the eye clinic next door were cordoned off by the team of investigators. The presence along Bridge Street of the yellow crime scene tape caused a lot of questions and curious looks by residents driving by.

The Fort Hood Explosives Ordinance Disposal team was called in to assist local authorities. They determined that the shell had been fired, but there was concern that the fuse might still have explosive properties.

The projectile was eventually removed and safely detonated near the Brady Lake Gun Range.

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