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5/14/2018 - McCulloch Comm. Discuss Broadband, Jail Ambulance Charges - Click here to print this information

McCulloch County Commissioners began their meeting Monday by approving use of the Courthouse lawn for a Farmers' Market on Saturday mornings during the Summer.

Although Brady Fire Chief Brian Maroney encouraged to the Commission to be proactive in implementing a burn ban, the Court chose to hold off on a decision until its next meeting on May 25th. In the meantime, if conditions warrant, the County Judge is authorized to issue an executive order implementing a burn ban.

Commissioners spent most of the session discussion two issues -- installation of broadband service at the Courthouse, and a bill from the City of Brady for ambulance transports for the Jail.

The City of Brady last week presented the County with a bill for $65,000 for ambulance transports for the Jail in the first quarter. The charges are above and beyond an allocation of $266,000 the County provides the City for fire, EMS and dispatch services.

The question raised by the County Judge Danny Neal and the Commissioners was why the County suddenly received the bill for Jail ambulance transfers for the first time.

Brady Fire and EMS Chief, Brain Maroney, indicated he didn't have answers to all of
the Commissioners' questions. He said the issue had gotten attention recently when there was an apparent spike in the number ambulance dispatches to the Jail.

Also included in the discussion was the amount of the charges, and whether who should be paying for them.

The discussion with the Commissioners taking no action on the issue, with the intention of having further discussions with City officials about the charges.

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