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5/14/2018 - Mason City Comm. Canvass Votes, Appoint Mayor Pro-Tem - Click here to print this information

The Mason City Commission canvassed the election results from the May 5 Local Election. Re-elected was Mason Mayor Brent Hinckley and Commissioner Sue Pledger for Districts 3 and newly elected Commisoner for District 1 Annette Thomas. Sue Pledger was re-elected as Mayor Pro Tem.

Other items on the Commissioner agenda included funding for Texas Water Development Board, and approved a request by Sheri Jordan to use the swimming pool for private swimming lessons during July.

Also on the agenda will be consideration of a proposed agreement for the interconnection and parallel operation of distributed generation in the Mason Electric System. The Commission made no decisions on the plan at this time.

The current status of clean-up of a six-acre former landfill owned by the City on Highway 87 south of Mason will also be discussed. The job should be finished within a few months.

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